maio 22, 2011

porque sim.

Quando estou sozinha começo a falar em Inglês, deve ser porque gosto , mas como me sinto mais a vontade a dizer as coisas em Inglês vou dizer , só porque sim , afinal de contas o blog é meu.  P.S : O texto esta escrito em Ingles americano xD

Today I feel sad, I don't know why , I just do. I feel like the world is falling apart and there's no solution to the problems. The biggest problem is that my problems aren't serious for some people. what I mean is : my problems are hating portugal , hating my portuguese life , hating this portuguese school , hating portuguese TV shows , hating speak and write in portuguese and finally , being a portuguese hater. I've got 6 stupid problems , all of them about portugal . Of course I don't wanna be a portuguese girl that isn't proud of her own country , for sure I don't like that , I hate when someone tells me that I shouldn't say these things about Portugal 'cause it's where I was born and where I grew up.  But it's just not my fault , the guilty ones are the people that make this country so poor , so uninteresting. Yes , Portugal has history , yes , portuguese people made and found lots of things , like america ! yes , I saw that video that was made for the finns , and u know what? I didn't feel proud , not even for one second. They did lots of things in the past for sure , bur now what?! They don't do anything , they don't care, so I won't care anymore.   For sure I care about the ones that really love the country , I care about something that I know that is truly important , and truly the future of the world!  United States of America are with no doubt the future of the world , U.S is for everyone , not only for rich people , or just poor people , or just celebs. U.S.A is 4 y'all , it makes us believe , dream louder , for sure we can have a great future in U.S , if u try harder to make something happen it will happen , but if you try it harder it's 'cause ya know that u can have some chance.  In Portugal u don't dream like that , u just don't try , because it's impossible! You can have a great future working for foreign companies , tell me just one PORTUGUESE companie that is not going down , tell me one companie that makes us proud. only one . Why would I think about livin' and workin' in portugal if United States is the country of opportunities? Why would I even think about that? hein?!  Yap , I can really be someone in U.S , not here , not now .
Yes , I am such an asshole for saying something like that about such a beautiful country like Portugal , but I've always heard  that the important is the inside , not the outside.
Sorry for all of u that actually are sad or mad at me 'cause of this...
I just said the truth (:

       Thank y'all. 

Maria Inês ;x

3 comentários:

  1. aposto que tu noutra vida foste americana!
    e não te julgo nada por pensares assim. a única coisa de jeito que há neste país é mesmo o fcporto, porque de resto, eheheh.
    muito bom o post! ;)
    p.s.: tb adoro falar em inglês pros meus botões! xD

  2. tu já és americana da cabeça aos pés minha linda :)